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Nail art stamping plate - JQ-06

Nail art stamping plate - JQ-06

Plate for nail art stamping.

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1,90 € tax incl.

Nail art stamping plate. Before use remove the protective foil from the surface of the plate and apply the selected motif using a special nail polish.

Instructions for use:

1. Choose the motif you want to use.

2. Polish the nails with a base coat nail polish.

3. Overcoat the motif on the plate with a special nail polish for stamping.

4. Wipe off the excess nail polish with a scraper.

5. Press the stamp on the plate and then press the motif on the nail.

6. Let it dry.

7. For the motif to last longer, cover it with a clear top coat nail polish or an UV gel.

8. For best results clean the plate and also the stamp best with a nail polish remover or a brush cleaner.

Diameter of the plate: 5,5mm


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